Pathway to Tranquility

4×4 off road exploration and private beach swimming tour

Crete is well known for its beautiful mountains, its world famous beaches, its amazing and unspoiled nature and its healthy Cretan specialties. If you are searching for a tour that combines a bit of all the above then “Pathway to Tranquility” is the ideal tour for you.

During this private driven 4×4 tour, you will have the opportunity to explore the Cretan rocky grounds, to drive through narrow off road tracks full of dust, and admire amazing natural sceneries. Also, you will have plenty of chances for photo stops, and time to see the Cretan flora and fauna of the area. Sometimes you could meet even the Cretan Vultures(hopefully), that live in the wider area.

After this very “special” track, and passing through picturesque Cretan “wild desert”, you will arrive in one of the most beautiful and secluded beach of the north. This desert and rocky isolated beach is the perfect place to relax and to feel the tranquility of the island. There you can swim in crystal clear water, sunbathe, relax and take beautiful pictures of the scenery.

In addition in the area of the beach there are no buildings or any kind of modern facilities, except a very old temple/monastery where the ancient Cretan people use to worship their gods and you can visit it if you wish.

After this nice “dive in tranquility” you will arrive in a small traditional village, where you will enjoy a very carefully prepared traditional Cretan meal. You will taste a variety of traditional dishes, all made with local ingredients, cooked in the family oven, and of course you will taste the local wine and “raki”.

During this tour you will be given a lot of information about the island of Crete, about the Cretan history and cloture, and about the nature of the island.

In the end of this tour you will be driven back at your location, full of nice memories, and with a big smile…

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