Let’s Take a Tasty Trip to Nature

Trip to Nature and slow food: Cooking at “Ntounias”

The idea of Gastronomy Centre Cretan Diet “NTOUNIAS” was born a few years ago when the owner Mr. Stelios Trilyrakis – professional cook – then in Chania, decided to live in the village and create his own space in which to revive the flavors knew from his grandmother and mother.

“Ntounias” is located in “Drakona” village and the district of “Keramia” and it’s the only place where everything is cooked using fire stoves and all ingredients come from local producers and Stelios’s farm and garden.

We offer a 4 hour cooking lesson, combined with a tour at the garden (where we collect our veggies and fresh herbs) and the farm where Stelios has a local specie of cows.


Menu consists of

  • 2 starters
  • 1 salad
  • 1 main dish
  • 1 dessert

At “Ntounias” Gastronomy Center of the Cretan Diet”Drakona Village

Duration: Approximately 4 hours

→ Tour at the vegetable garden and farm
→ Food is cooked in wood fire stove

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