Imbros Gorge Tour

With the opportunity to enjoy your swim in the close sandy beach of Frangokastelo

Imbros gorge – small but full of wildness When people say “the gorge” they are of course referring to the Samaria gorge which is Crete pride, as no such other exists in Europe. Imbros gorge is also well worth seeing. It may be small but it is most picturesque and full of wildness. Imbros Gorge was the escape route for thousands of Allied troops retreating from the north of the island following the Battle of Crete in 1941 and heading for Chora Sfakion to be taken off by ships. Imbros gorge originates from the last houses of the Imbros village and ends after eight km (about 2 Hrs) in the village of Komitades. The relatively easy walk takes you downhill through one of the most beautiful gorges in Crete.

The path into the gorge starts just below the village of Imbros.

From there the path descends gently into the gorge heading south. It is never steep and not particularly difficult (running shoes are good enough for this walk) but as everywhere in Crete the path is stony so you need to pay attention to where you put your feet.

Because the gorge is fairly narrow (under 2 meters wide at one point!) and has plenty of trees you will have shade most of the time.
The gorge is much smaller in height as well as length and less majestic than Samaria but this also means that at all times you are right next to the slopes and cliffs and have a much better opportunity to see plants and flowers at close range. And there are plenty of interesting flowers to see, especially in the spring.

After around 90 minutes’ walk from the gorge entrance booth (2 hours if you walk really slowly) you will pass an impressive stone arch on your right. This is almost the end of the route and after this the gorge widens a little and then around 15 more minutes you get to the road and the village of Komitades where we will be waiting for you.

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