Drops of Crete

Wine, Beer and Olive Oil tasting private tour

Drops of Crete is a driven, private tour, through various natural places of Chania region, where you have the chance to see and learn about our local products. Specifically, you will taste and explore the culture of wine, beer and olive oil.

In this tour you will have the opportunity to enjoy a private guided tour in one of the most famous family owned wineries of Chania. You will learn a lot about the wines of the area, visit the winery facilities and cellars and of course taste five different awarded wines, which are among the best ones in the island of Crete.

Later you will be driven through small villages and picturesque sceneries and arrive in an organic olive oil farm. There again you will be guided through the facilities of the olive oil factory, learn about the organic olive oil production and taste the real good extra virgin olive oil, like the local Cretan people do…

At last, you will be driven in the first Cretan family micro brewery of Chania. There you will have time to visit the facilities of the brewery, join a guided tour about beer making and taste five local fresh bio beers.

During the whole tour you will have the chance to see various beautiful places, take a lot of photos and hear a lot of interesting information about the Cretan culture from our expert guides.

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